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These are scary times we live in. With a inevitable economic collapse right around the corner, being prepared could never be more important. This is why My Dooms Day Survival wants to be here for people, and give them Non GMO foods  that can be stored for up to 25 years and many other life saving items. is  dedicated to getting you what you are looking for so if you do not see it on our website please give us a call at 1-228-264-5973 or shoot us a Email at We would be glad to speak with you about your survival needs. We are steadily updating our site with new products and would love for you to sign up for the My Dooms Day Survival news letter and we will keep you posted on our updates.  Sign Up now and get "free life time rights" to enter the members part of this site once its created, as well as a sneak peek at the bunkers we will be showcasing before anyone can see them!
Don't Be Scared Get Prepared!​
Survival Seed vault 2 week food supply
Only $117.50
Non GMO Seed Vaults See our 3 Pack Special !
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See our new Dooms Day Bunkers. These Bunkers can be buried over 25' deep and have full 110/12volt high and low voltage  as well as air purification system. These are top of the line Bunkers made to feel like home.
Dooms Day Survival